A 17-year-old passionated techno DJ, who wants to bring the perfect vibe on a festival or in a club. Thyzr has a confident vision in his career. He plays in big clubs like Lïmbo, De Zwetser, Afslag30 and Winkel van Sinkel. Also on big festivals like Freedom Dance Assen and Indian Summer Village Festival. His latest track 'Lesbo' got released on his own label in March 2019, which is playing all over the world! Radio's like SlamFM and Layzer picked it up and played it multiple times.



Thyzr always wants to meet new people as DJ. To do this he goes to several networking parties and give his business relations stickers and business cards in person. Now in 2019, he created his own bracelets, which was pretty well received according to his friends. We'll push the good Thyzr vibes further through this webshop.